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About The Estate

The area of Tattingstone is widely acclaimed for rich noble history, extraordinary beauty, and personable populace. Resting place of the nationally famed "Tattingstone Wonder", rich in local history and many other places of interest which are a part of the very fabric of the village; Tattingstone truly embodies the proud traditions of British heritage.

A highly popular holiday destination for those after something off the beaten track, complete with many national attractions and sites of natural beauty. The area also offers a varied range of outdoor activites including sailing, fishing, walking, cycling, climbing, and sports in a picturesque setting.

Tattingstone is also close to the coast and home to some of the most spectacular countryside in the world. From sandy beaches, vast woodland, and heather-filled moors, it is an area of dramatic and diverse natural beauty.

The Estate you will be purchasing part of was previously the manor house of the area, with glorious views over the whole region. It has since become a site of national preservation. By owning a part of Tattingstone, you are doing your part to preserve and maintain this glorious part of British history.

For more information see this book which documents the rich and noble history of the region:

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A must for Tattingstone lovers.