Is this really legal?

Yes-this is 100% legal. You are truly purchasing a piece of a manor, which will infer a title upon you.

Do I need to register my land?

No. In fact The Land Registration Act 1979 Section 4 (1)(b) specifically removes the normal requirement to register your land, because this is a souvenir plot. Unlike in, other countries, England has removed the need to register your purchase in order to be the owner of the land, thus permitting the transfer of title to take place under Contract Law. By removing the need to register the transfer, small plots of land can be sold without the expenses which would otherwise make this uneconomical. You will receive a copy of the Deed of Transfer in your pack.

So I can honestly call myself a Laird?

Under United Kingdom law, as the owner of a manor estate, you will have the full rights to style yourself as a Lord, Laird or Lady.

How can you sell multiple titles to the same estate?

Since this is a manorial lordship, it is based on land ownership, and owning a square foot in the estate of Tattingstone will grant you the right to the title of Lord. For each plot of land, we can sell one title.

Do these titles work internationally?

Due to the manorial nature of the title (I.E. based on the ownership of manor land) simple owning the land within the UK infers all rights associated with it both nationally and at an international level. You will be a legal Lord of the manor irrespective of your country of residence as the land is still within the UK. All our titles are recognized internationally.

Do you have title to Rivenhall, Felixhall etc as well?

We sadly only offer land from Tattingstone estate but most people choose to shorten their title to just Lord, Laird or Lady.

Can I change my passport/driving license etc to show Lord?

This should not present a problem. Many people successfully change their names on their legal documentation. If you have a query regarding a specific document, we would advise you to contact the appropriate authority (for example your bank or passport office) to discuss their individual protocols.

Is the land really mine?

This is clarified in your constitutional rights (enclosed in the documentation pack) as follows;

“Do I really own the land?

Yes, the offer is completely genuine and entirely legal. You are given a plot number corresponding to your land plot, confirmed by your title document enclosed with this letter bearing the plot number. The documents have all been drawn up by a Lawyer to ensure they comply with local law.

If I buy enough land can I build on it?

Opportunist hey? No. Although the land belongs to you, due to the picturesque nature of the land it is to be left in its natural state as part of a preservation scheme in the area. We will look after your land on your behalf

What about Taxes on the land?

There are no taxes everything is included in the price quoted."

Does my wife/husband automatically become a Lord/Lady?

I'm sorry to say since this is a manorial title: I.E based on ownership of land it is not bestowed on a spouse as only one person can own the land.

Can the Title be inherited?

Yes. Both the land and the title can be passed on by informing Select Titles of the change.

Am I now a member of the aristocracy?

If only it were so easy! It is virtually impossible to buy a British aristocracy title; ownership of the land does however allow you to use the title 'Lord of Tattingstone' . Many women have chosen to use the title 'Lady' instead.

Can I buy more than one, and give them as a present or a gift (eg. one for myself and one for my wife or child, friend, etc).

Yes, you can purchase as many as you wish! We'll even throw in a postal discount for multiple orders.

How large is a plot?
  • The Standard Estate is one square foot
  • The large Estate is ten square feet
Will I know which plot is mine?

In order to transfer the plot to you under Contract Law, we need to be able to define its location precisely. We do this by providing you the exact GPS location, using the UK Ordnance Survey reference system. The location of each plot is unique.

Can I purchase one for someone else?

Absolutely. Just let us know what name to put on the certificate when ordering, these make great gifts. Since all the deeds are drafted up to order we can have them commence on a special date i.e. a birthday or anniversary; just let us know at the time of ordering.

Can I use my title for anything and in any situation?

You may use your title at any time except for any illegal purpose - such as to commit fraud, or obtain money by deception.

Is there anything else to pay?

No. There are no land taxes involved and absolutely no other costs associated with buying or owning this land. We maintain public liability insurance over the entire area which will continue in force after your purchase. You will have no further expense to pay after the initial purchase price.

Can I purchase several plots that are next to each other?

Yes. All the plots you order at the same time will be next to each other. Any plots ordered later will be part of a different block. If you think that you will require more plots later, that need to be part of your block, but do not yet know the name (for example unborn children) simply order as many as you need in total and ask us to hold delivery of the unknown plots until you can advise us of the details. We keep records of all plots sold and can issue your certificates at any time you choose.

Is a frame included?

The frame is just to show how the certificate would look framed. It is not included at the moment but we plan on offering packages including a framed certificate later this year.